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Vallimuthu Educational Trust

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of education, the rechristened flagship group namely the Velammal New-Gen Edu Network houses many schools under its umbrella. Few schools aided by the Vallimuthu trust of the group, fall under two verticals the Velammal Vidhyashram schools and the Velammal New-Gen schools. Both the verticals deliver the CBSE curriculum. The former targets holistic development in all its learners while the latter does the same with global practices in an Indian scenario. Renowned for the academic excellence and student progression, the group strives to sustain them with structured academic routines and operations all the while constantly updating processes to meet the needs of the contemporary world.

Vallimuthu Educational Trust

Futuristic Vision

This futuristic vision helps sustain the brand name. Their P(lan) D(o) C(heck) A(ct) cycle in the day to day activities of the schools focus and fetch results as aspired. Thus the constant growth in student numbers make them the most sought for in the locality wherever established.

Vallimuthu Educational Trust

Our Mission

To provide world-class education by imparting study skills and life skills to be a winner, in the global society and to face the emerging challenges with leadership qualities including dedication and human values.

About Vallimuthu Educational Trust

The Niche

The brand that carves the niche makes it possible to hold a greater part of the market share in these locations. More so because of the academic vision and mission. With a vision —

for the students, the network adheres to an academic framework par excellence and strives to integrate and implement the vision of NEP 2020 which is so much their vision as well. The learning and teaching resources developed has helped them to fragment implementation and achieve the smaller missions towards the big picture.

Organisation and Management

It’s a constant endeavour to meet the big picture, though equipped personnel in the man power management and good infrastructure. Hierarchy wise each school has a team of very skilled Director(Acad), Principal, Academic Coordinators(segment -wise) to drive academic and acad-admin operations while an administrative officer is available to run only the admin operations.

The Mission March

The core subjects are integrated with the non-scholastic ones for development of a rounded personality in the students. VITAL(Value in teaching and Learning), life skills and futuristic skills are essentially a part of the Annual Curriculum Plan (ACP) that guides these schools for realising the vision.